Hollywood screenwriters share stories about their favorite cocktails in this dramatic ­musical show. The tales are set to music by Helix Collective and the audience chooses which “drink” to hear next. During the show, a Jack and Coke can lead you to a yachting trip with a jazz trio in tow. An Irish coffee becomes a whirlwind of Irish and Colombian music and toasts. After everyone has had a few beers, a drinking song is bound to break out in the crowd. Share an intimate evening of drinks, music, and great stories! 

Stories by screenwriters Matt Popham, Guy Busick, and Ray Donlon; playwright Curtis Billings, and poet Joseph Robert Mills. Music by Phil Popham. 

“Helix Collective’s Happy Hour blends limericks, myths, ghost stories, music, and performance art into a satisfying brew sure to warm any listener down to the core….Sarah Robinson, Popham and Lorry Black serve up a healthy dose of Cuban, Irish, and German beer hall music.”  -Valley Press