Helix hosts the world’s first classical dance club with their World Dance Club program. The group performs dance music from all over the world while providing quickie dance lessons throughout the show. Before the night is out, people who have never danced before will be up and dancing to Bollywood, Bluegrass, Salsa and Klezmer! It’s a lightning-speed trip around the world, so wear your dancing shoes and get ready to party! 

The music for flute, oboe, piano and drum set was written by a diverse group of composers, each drawing on a different style of music from around the world. The program includes Three Bollywood Dances by concert and film composer Mark Weiser; a Klezmer, Waltz and Rag by New York composer Stephen Dankner; Me Quema by the LA-based salsa band, the Berger-Sanchez Project; Tom, a bluegrass song by Serban Nichifor, professor at the National University of Music in Bucharest, and Mixer Dances, renaissance-hard rock tunes by ensemble composer, Phil Popham.

“Helix Collective creates compelling, insistent, thoroughly modern music with a resolutely acoustic (even proudly classical) band of kick-ass outsider oboe, flute, piano, and drum virtuosi.” 

“These are great musicians producing something that I guarantee you’ve never heard before– lively, joyous, surprising and throughly entertaining music, a unique take on what a dance band can be, what a flute or oboe can do, and what classical music itself is”

Muse’s Muse