Helix Collective has recorded over thirty films and media projects with their flexible instrumentation ensemble.  Ranging from a chamber orchestra to just a few musicians, Helix Collective is comprised of busy recording professionals. With close relationships with several studios, excellent recording engineers, and remote recording options for individual musicians and small ensembles, Helix can help bring your musical vision to life. 

Listen to cues recorded by Helix Collective:


Aphrodite, composer, Drum & Lace
Arrow And Oil, composer, George Oldziey
The Bag and the Bike, composer, Marco Valerio Antonini
Bam Bam, composer, Erik Desiderio
Devil’s Hour, composer ,Nathalie Bonin
Liminal, composer,Shaun Chasin
Niara, composer, Steph Kowal
L’Ombre Amoureuse, composer, Joy Ngiaw
The Pill,  composer, Jonathan Keith
Bicycle, composer Jane Lin
The Swan, composer Bronson Buskett
How to Be, composer Phil Popham
The Wanderer, composer Alexander Thomas
Cafouillage, composer Jordi Nus
The Most Beautiful Woman, composer Benjamin Hoff
Sushi Man, composer Annie Rosevear
Toxic Temptation, composer Catherine Grealish
Cowboys in a Saloon, composer Emily Rice
Pato, composer Luis Obregon
Weed and Me, composer Chad Cannon
Death Will Tremble, episode 6, composer Paul Apelgren
le gateau, composers Garren&Cohan
The Shy Guys, “At the Park,” composer Elliott Goldkind
The Shy Guys, “Fun Times with Strangers,” composer Elliott Goldkind
Bandit, composer Reuven Herman
Monroe, composer Eugene Micofsky
Driving Thought, composer Phil Popham
Suspended Ballet, Phil Popham

Additionally, the individual musicians in Helix Collective may be heard on hundreds of films, tv shows, and commercials!

Check out some short films recorded by Helix Collective:

L’Ombre Amoroureuse – film by Glenn Morisse, music by Joy Ngiaw

Bandit – film by McKenna Kast, music by Reuven Herman