Shoutout! is a new collaboration between Helix Collective and Composers Diversity Collective!

This video album includes 12 original works created by members of Composers Diversity Collective. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Helix Collective shifted recording work to all-remote sessions with musicians recording from up-to-date studio setups from their individual homes. The album was recorded entirely by remote recording with ensemble artistic director, Phil Popham, coordinating, mixing, and, keeping the ensemble together through the project. The project was made possible in part by the generous support of the L.A. County COVID-19 Arts Relief fund administered by the L.A. County Department of Culture. Read the Variety Article on SHOUTOUT! here.


1. BLA BLA LAND by Jina Hyojin An

2. THE OLD WEST by Sid De La Cruz

3. DANCING IN THE WAVES by George Shaw

4. THE HEIST by Mary Ancheta

5. LIFE OF GREGORY by Matthew Wang

6. BUSY IN PLACE by James A. Goins

7. WAVES by Zong Chiang

8. LE COLLAPSUS by Cora Chung

9. A NEW PLACE by Ghiya Rushidat

10. Q-ANON CANON by Pablo R. Langaine

11. SAPPHIRE & ELIANA by Tony Morales

12. CROSSED PATHS by Kevin Smithers



Sarah Robinson, flutes
Phil Popham, oboe & English horn
Maksim Velichkin, cello
Kathryn Eames, piano
Matt Ordaz, percussion


This album was produced by Helix Collective in collaboration with Composers Diversity Collective. Phat Yak Records, PHY 124