The Survival Kit is your way to relax, enjoy music, and have a good time.


Your donation of $25+ includes 7 ORIGINAL HELIX COLLECTIVE MUSIC VIDEOS created by our team of creative artists.


Your contribution will help Helix Collective survive this challenging time in the arts.

You’ll also be supporting the work of the musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, writers, and dancers that contributed to the exclusive music videos you’ll receive with your kit.


and reserve your Survival Kit!

Each Survival Kit includes your key toRelax…


Meditation in Space

This video features a whole new perspective on earth, captured by the International Space Station. 

The music by Phil Popham combines the sounds of heartbeats and nature, expanded for the breadth of the cosmos featured in this film.



A Train Ride Through Norway 

A train conductor’s view crisscrossing the Scandinavian landscape. This video features rugged mountains, high plateaus, beautiful lakes and gorgeous scenery of Norway, all from a train’s eye view. The scene is set to a hypnotic, rhythmic musical flow, composed by Phil Popham and performed by Helix Collective, propelling you forward into the limitless horizon. 




Art Gallery Walk 

Set to original music by Phil Popham, selected art work includes historical paintings and work by local Los Angeles artists Lizzie Nichols and Rima Fujita.

Lizzie Nichols works in film, television, and books as an animator. Rima Fujita’s works are extracted from her dreams and meditation process. She has produced over 1,000 pieces in the last twenty years.





The Beer Song

What’s a rowdy party without a tipsy sing-a-long? A wild romp around the world with all the best stories, limericks, and songs to match everything from microbrews to IPA’s. This song always brings the house down during our Cocktail Stories performances. Don’t worry – we’ve included the words so you can sing along!




The Reverse Swayze

Has this ever happened to you? Storyteller John Grady takes you through a night of awkward small talk by the refreshment table (remember those) to a charmingly, quirky soundtrack by Gene Micofsky. This piece from our L.A. Stories program is narrated by Phil Popham and recorded by the Helix core quartet. 





Dance Party

We all have some pent up energy these days and what better way to shake off the quarantined blues than this leaping, flying dance taught to you by dance instructor and ballroom dancer Amy Lawrence. This classic tune from Helix Collective’s second album, World Dance Club, provides the beat and drive for your own dance party




And Chill….

Movie Night! 

One of our favorite films from seven years of Helix Collective’s annual Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival. Arrow and Oil won both Best Picture and Best Soundtrack at the 2018 Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival. 

From director Majik Jingwei Zhou, producer Hailey Lanyue Zhang and composer George Oldziey, this film takes place in 1010 A.D. during the Northern Song Dynasty. Chen YaoZi, a civil officer from the imperial court with superb archery skills starts thinking and questioning about the relationship between his archery and his work after he meets an old oil seller.